Activate your Inner Leader

Trouble making decisions? Ever procrastinate on something important because you didn’t know where to begin? Stressed about all the “should do’s” in your life, but not sure how to prioritize them? Having a hard time communicating with someone who always seems to get the better of you? Finding your path can be difficult if you’re not practiced at consulting your inner leader.

“Inner Leader” might mean many things to many people. For purposes of this article, I’m referring to that voice inside you that mixes intuition and mission. It’s that piece of us that knows exactly what to do or say, if only we would quiet the mental chatter enough to listen and hear what it has to say.

Here are three steps to begin to acquaint yourself with your Inner Leader (your IL). Use this as a daily practice for a couple weeks to start.

  1. Start to recognize your IL: Quiet your mental chatter for a few moments by taking several deep breathes and closing your eyes. Try to simply listen to your breathing. Put all of your focus on taking in oxygen. When you feel relaxed, ask yourself a question. Then just keep breathing with your eyes closed. Make the question simple and low risk to start with, but something you’re trying to figure out. Once you have an answer, open your eyes and consider the answer.
  2. Trust your IL. It might be hard to trust the answer you get, but give it a whirl.
  3. Record the outcome.

Continue this process over a couple weeks. See how this works for you. You might even find yourself making decisions quicker even without the deep breathing.

If your IL is particularly buried, or you have a high level of stress contributing to the challenge, you may decide to work with a coach on this, read some good books on the subject, or attend classes to help you access that leader within.

A few suggestions to uncover that leader within:

  • Write your personal mission statement (life coaches are skilled at helping you to do this, or you can find good books or material online). The process of writing your mission statement will help you to have confidence in your IL.
  • Attend classes, workshops, etc. that pop up and look interesting. Listen to your intuition here – if your interest is piqued when you saw the workshop information, it could be your IL nudging you.
  • Learn meditation. Just a few brief moments each day spent quieting and refocusing the brain begins to expose your IL. Try guided meditations or affirmations available on CD.


HOPE Interfaith Center  is holding an empowering day with horses for adults at Fusion Farm.

June 23, 2012
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Access your core energy and bring out your inner leader through the ultimate horse experience. This leadership workshop combines a unique blend of Core Energy Leadership Learning and Equine Guided Education (EGE) to access and renew your inner leader. Participants work safely on the ground through a number of experiences with horses, facilitated by an experienced Core Energy Leadership and EGE Coach, to uncover personal strengths and opportunities. Horses have a unique ability to help us be better humans. This workshop is specifically designed for women who are invested in continual improvement as leaders and humans.
Cost: $85 (A portion of proceeds to support HOPE Interfaith Center)


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