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How do you wake up in the morning? What is your mood like? What are your thoughts? Do you wake up with dread and anxiety; or is it peace and anticipation? What if every morning could be greeted with excitement and high energy?

It is my belief that everyone deserves to wake up happy and ready to get on with an extraordinary life and work experience. If this is not the case for you, take this quick quiz:

  1. How many days out of the week do I wake up energized and expecting to have a positive life/work experience?
  2. On the positive mornings, to what am I looking forward?
  3. On the other days what thoughts of dread, fear, or anxiety am I experiencing at awakening?
  4. What are all the reasons for the negative thoughts and emotions?

Once you have given this some observation and thought, try to select one item in number four and commit to do something about it. Even if you feel stuck in a situation that is causing you unhealthy emotions, you can start to diffuse the charge of the emotions surrounding the situation simply by becoming more aware of how it is impacting you, and changing how you think about it, or changing the amount of time and energy you give it.

I hope you join me for the April & May workshops in Mankato, MN designed to build your own set of tools and treasures to increase the number of days you feel like leaping out of bed and getting on with an extraordinary day!  MORE INFORMATION

We sill soon be launching an online and telephone version of these workshops for those that do not live in this area or who just want to attend from the privacy and comfort of home. Stay tuned and sign up for our Fusion newsletter to stay abreast of upcoming opportunities and more articles.

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