Got Clutter?

What is it about clutter that makes us crazy? And why do we feel powerless to stop it from taking over our homes, workspaces and ultimately our minds? There’s all kinds of clutter to face, and ultimately, clutter = stress. The very idea that we call it clutter means that at least a portion of whatever it is we don’t desire. The stress is the result of our inability to be able to decide what it is that we don’t desire or need.

As I looked at my email box clutter this morning, I decided that the main thing that was holding me back from cleaning up that clutter was FEAR. (or maybe just Feeling Especially Apathetic and Reluctant) At some point I gave up on managing this part of my life. I wrote some rule that tells me I will never have it under control, and I’ve come to believe it. I have conquered so many things in life, but email clutter eludes me completely.

What is the clutter in your life? Is it physical house or work clutter? Afraid to walk to the bathroom at night for fear of tripping? (been there)… Is it mental clutter? Is your head so full of stuff that you can’t focus on your next step – do you forget what you were going to do when you get to the next room? How many projects do you have started today? These are all signs of some kind of attachment to something that amounts to clutter and confusion.

Take an honest assessment of your attitude towards the stuff in your life. Which of these statements best fit you:

  1. “Stuff controls me. It seriously impacts my ability to enjoy my life. I feel powerless to overcome it. Often I just give up trying to get organized because I can’t decide what to give up.”
  2. “The stuff in my home, workspace, and/or mind is driving me crazy. Sometimes I just get mad and want to throw it all out. But I always regret getting rid of something. As soon as I get rid of it, I need it again. This makes me nuts!”
  3. “I have a system to stay organized. If I can just follow the system and keep it all organized, I feel in control.”
  4. “Stuff is not important to me. I regularly give things, thoughts and wishes away to others. I feel clear.”
  5. “I have no attachment to any thing or thought that doesn’t serve me or those around me. I have no desire to accumulate things or thoughts that hold me back.”

Now decide which one feels better. Which one will facilitate the life you ultimately want? What I find is almost always under my fear about releasing things or thoughts is some attachment to them. Maybe it’s a memory, or the original cost of the item; maybe it was a gift, or someone else might value it. Maybe it’s some nagging thoughts that you can’t shake because you need to remember something that you keep forgetting, or you would rather forget something that you keep remembering…

Whatever is under the attachment, if it is hindering the life that you want to live… it is clutter. You do not have to feel powerless. There are so many ways to start to change these attitudes and patterns: work with a life coach, work with a personal organizer, break up the tasks into manageable amounts and tackle it yourself or with a partner. Most importantly, if you can change your thinking, you can begin to eliminate this barrier in your life.

For more information on eliminating life’s clutter:

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