Horses & “Humanship”: Corporate Training & Private Coaching

How Horses Help Us To Be Better Humans

I was recently asked to explain more about my Equine Guided Corporate Training and Private Coaching services. Here’s part of an article I wrote to help explain why this method is so powerful.

My style of coaching and training is termed “Core Energy Leadership”. This method helps clients to use their own strengths and abilities to increase their energy, effectiveness, and general happiness. We break through barriers that stop the client or team from achieving important milestones in their corporate or private lives. I also assist many folks through life transitions such as retirement, empty-nesters, career changes, and relationship challenges.

Since I started using horses in my practice, I have been amazed at the results. We gain faster access to creativity and intuition. I have had several individuals tell me that we got more done in one session with the horses and “Core Energy Coaching” than they had accomplished over the course of several years of standard therapy. Corporate Teams learn better communication, stress reduction, and leadership skills faster than the traditional workshop as well.

When horse people hear that I’m using the horses in my practice, they immediately think of the standard horse trainers and clinicians who train people on horsemanship skills. That’s not what this is about. However, I have personally experienced a much deeper bond with my horses since working with them in this way.

One thing to note: my style of EGE (Equine Guided Education) is done on the ground, interacting with the herd. These are not riding or horsemanship clinics.

Equine Guided Education is less about horsemanship and more about “human-ship”, if that makes sense. While it certainly increases the bond between horse and rider, the focus is on what horses can teach us about the rest of our lives or certain situations that we might be experiencing such as relationship issues, grief, career transitions, etc. They teach us because they are masters at reading and reflecting our energetic state. Anyone who’s ever gotten into an argument with a horse over getting in a trailer or going away from the herd knows this–the more frustrated we get, the more frustrated and stubborn the horse gets. This is the most obvious example of energy attracting like energy between you and the horse, and it’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg of how horses read us. They are truly “human whisperers”.

Equine Guided Education accesses your ability to learn concepts through three channels: kinesthetic learning through physical activity; metaphorical learning through symbolism and comparative conceptual application; and metaphysical learning through core energy connections. In other words, it access your body, mind, and spirit to internalize what you learn.

So Equine Guided Corporate Training is similar to other experiential learning programs such as ropes courses or rock climbing. Teams do activites safely on the ground with the horses to learn about things like leadership and team building. We find that the learning sticks better with this style of learning because it is outside their normal business box and therefore extremely metaphorical and memorable.

Private coaching with horses is the same. We learn through the benefit of having the horse as mirror and the coach to translate and probe for deeper opening and access to that inner wisdom that we so often ignore or can’t hear anymore because of the rush of daily living. This is a powerful, transformative method and perfect for anyone who is contemplating life changes or anyone who just wants to take their experience on this planet to the next level.

The difference is the horse as your learning parrtner. It’s just one big bundle of information, energy and spirit, and it is the missing link in our modern every day. Humans and horses have cohabitated for most of our existence prior to the invention of the automobile. It is a piece missing in our daily learning and energetic connection to the earth, our spirit, and the rest of the species.


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