Leadership for Teens (Session 2)

SURGE: Show Up. Step Up. Stand Out!Week 2 with the pilot leadership program was focused on self-esteem. We reviewed the self-awareness points from the previous week and moved right into all the negative thought patterns that cause us to be afraid to step up and stand out.

These young powerful women, shared some insights on their inner voices that tell them they are not good enough. Then they thought through the times when these thoughts were the strongest. After spending time understanding that we all have these thoughts, fears and doubts, we discussed how allowing these thoughts to control our awareness impacts our emotions and our actions.

The groups are taking this week to become familiar with their “gremlins,” that voice inside us that gives us all the reasons why we can’t  __________________ (fill in the blank). Once we can see the gremlin at work in our lives we can begin to diffuse it’s energy and begin to question the reality of what it tells us.

Great sessions with high-energy future leaders.


Coach Sara

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