Hiring the Right Fit & Coaching for Excellence

shutterstock_97323827What is the worst possible outcome when hiring? Anyone who has had to rehire a poor fit will tell you it is like burning money in a bonfire. Right?

How can you objectively assess personality fit? I’m glad you asked… When I consult with companies, I use a tool and a process that is 97% accurate. Higher repeatability than ANY OTHER assessment in the industry.

This assessment measures a person’s Core Innate Nature, and can be used to create a personality profile for the ideal candidate. It will streamline your hiring process and insure your decision to hire is objective.

The assessment is also part of our leadership development packages. It is a great tool to coach for passion and excellence along with various other tools and methods. Group or individual packages are available.

If you are a hiring manager, and are interested in sampling this powerful assessment, please contact me directly. Often, I can provide you a free demonstration. You will receive your own personalized video report back, and a complimentary 1/2 hour debrief with me via phone. Then if you find the process to be as powerful as I claim, we can discuss how it will help you streamline your hiring and leadership development. This process is good for all levels of the organization, but is particularly helpful when hiring key positions and developing strong leaders.

Contact Sara@FusionLifeAndLeadership.com or call 319-329-7182

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