Guided Meditation for Connection & Freedom

How do we find freedom in connection? Spend a few moments with this meditation to find your own answers.

Meditation for Connection and Freedom – Podcast – AAC

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to the Surge Youth Leadership Program. 


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Intention-setting Guided Meditation

Please enjoy this guided meditation. Check back for more posts and meditations frequently.

This guided meditation is all about intention. Setting your intentions for your ideal self — your genuine you. Let’s begin…  Intention Meditation

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Thought for the day

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SURGE Program Receives Significant Funding

So happy to share that our SURGE! Youth Program has received THREE grants this year! See the list of organizations and more information on the program here.

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Fabulous Girls Enrichment Afternoon!

Fabulous afternoon with girls here at Fusion Farm… If there is enough interest we will schedule more girls camps for Friday afternoons!

Here’s a touching slideshow of the event (about 1 minute download): Girls Leadership Camp, 08-2012-Mobile

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Leadership Day Slide Show

WOW! What a great day of personal development. These women wen’t beyond their limits and built new realities for themselves – and made new friends too. Super day!

Fusion Leadership retreat

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What’s the Link? Humans & Animals…

Why are people so connected to animals? What is that bond that can sometimes feel stronger than anything we experience with other humans? Why do we go all soft and gooey when we see a picture of a baby animal or feel inspired when we see an image of an eagle in flight?

All animal-lovers probably have their own answers to these questions. I recently found research on this topic that inspired me to share the information and to share some of my own experience working with people and horses.

Here is an excerpt from the “Center for the Human-Animal Bond”. (Purdue University of Veterinary Medicine):

“The Human-Animal Bond is the dynamic relationship between people and animals in that each influences the psychological and physiological state of the other. Human-animal interaction has profound physiological consequences. People, in the contact with animals experience a decrease in blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and a general feeling of well being. By observing the behavior of animals, children learn to be more nurturing and perhaps better parents to their own children. The therapeutic value of animals for socially isolated individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, and prisons has been documented. People in the presence of animals are often perceived to be more happy and healthy…” … More at

What follows below is my paper on how horses can be extremely powerful partners in human personal development based on my studies and experience:

Equine Guided Education (EGE) or Horse-Assisted Learning is less about horsemanship and more about “human-ship”. While it certainly increases the bond between horse and rider, the focus is on what horses can teach us about the rest of our lives or certain situations that we might be experiencing such as relationship issues, grief, career transitions, etc. They teach us because they are masters at reading and reflecting our energetic state. Anyone who’s ever gotten into an argument with a horse over getting in a trailer or going away from the herd knows this–the more frustrated we get, the more frustrated and stubborn the horse gets. This is the most obvious example of energy attracting like energy between you and the horse, and it’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg of how horses read us. They are truly “human whisperers”.

Equine Guided Education accesses your ability to learn concepts through three channels: kinesthetic learning through physical activity; metaphorical learning through symbolism and comparative conceptual application; and metaphysical learning through core energy connections. In other words, it access your body, mind, and spirit to internalize what you learn.

So Equine Guided Corporate Training is similar to other experiential learning programs such as ropes courses or rock climbing. Teams do activities safely on the ground with the horses to learn about things like leadership and team building. We find that the learning sticks better with this style of learning because it is outside their normal business box and therefore extremely metaphorical and memorable.

Private coaching with horses is the same. We learn through the benefit of having the horse as mirror and the coach to translate and probe for deeper opening and access to that inner wisdom that we so often ignore or can’t hear anymore because of the rush of daily living. This is a powerful, transformative method and perfect for anyone who is contemplating life changes or anyone who just wants to take their experience on this planet to the next level.

The difference is the horse as your learning partner. It’s just one big bundle of information, energy and spirit, and it is the missing link in our modern every day. Humans and horses have cohabitated for most of our existence prior to the invention of the automobile. It is a piece missing in our daily learning and energetic connection to the earth, our spirit, and the rest of the species.

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Activate your Inner Leader

Trouble making decisions? Ever procrastinate on something important because you didn’t know where to begin? Stressed about all the “should do’s” in your life, but not sure how to prioritize them? Having a hard time communicating with someone who always seems to get the better of you? Finding your path can be difficult if you’re not practiced at consulting your inner leader.

“Inner Leader” might mean many things to many people. For purposes of this article, I’m referring to that voice inside you that mixes intuition and mission. It’s that piece of us that knows exactly what to do or say, if only we would quiet the mental chatter enough to listen and hear what it has to say.

Here are three steps to begin to acquaint yourself with your Inner Leader (your IL). Use this as a daily practice for a couple weeks to start.

  1. Start to recognize your IL: Quiet your mental chatter for a few moments by taking several deep breathes and closing your eyes. Try to simply listen to your breathing. Put all of your focus on taking in oxygen. When you feel relaxed, ask yourself a question. Then just keep breathing with your eyes closed. Make the question simple and low risk to start with, but something you’re trying to figure out. Once you have an answer, open your eyes and consider the answer.
  2. Trust your IL. It might be hard to trust the answer you get, but give it a whirl.
  3. Record the outcome.

Continue this process over a couple weeks. See how this works for you. You might even find yourself making decisions quicker even without the deep breathing.

If your IL is particularly buried, or you have a high level of stress contributing to the challenge, you may decide to work with a coach on this, read some good books on the subject, or attend classes to help you access that leader within.

A few suggestions to uncover that leader within:

  • Write your personal mission statement (life coaches are skilled at helping you to do this, or you can find good books or material online). The process of writing your mission statement will help you to have confidence in your IL.
  • Attend classes, workshops, etc. that pop up and look interesting. Listen to your intuition here – if your interest is piqued when you saw the workshop information, it could be your IL nudging you.
  • Learn meditation. Just a few brief moments each day spent quieting and refocusing the brain begins to expose your IL. Try guided meditations or affirmations available on CD.


HOPE Interfaith Center  is holding an empowering day with horses for adults at Fusion Farm.

June 23, 2012
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Access your core energy and bring out your inner leader through the ultimate horse experience. This leadership workshop combines a unique blend of Core Energy Leadership Learning and Equine Guided Education (EGE) to access and renew your inner leader. Participants work safely on the ground through a number of experiences with horses, facilitated by an experienced Core Energy Leadership and EGE Coach, to uncover personal strengths and opportunities. Horses have a unique ability to help us be better humans. This workshop is specifically designed for women who are invested in continual improvement as leaders and humans.
Cost: $85 (A portion of proceeds to support HOPE Interfaith Center)


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Got Clutter?

What is it about clutter that makes us crazy? And why do we feel powerless to stop it from taking over our homes, workspaces and ultimately our minds? There’s all kinds of clutter to face, and ultimately, clutter = stress. The very idea that we call it clutter means that at least a portion of whatever it is we don’t desire. The stress is the result of our inability to be able to decide what it is that we don’t desire or need.

As I looked at my email box clutter this morning, I decided that the main thing that was holding me back from cleaning up that clutter was FEAR. (or maybe just Feeling Especially Apathetic and Reluctant) At some point I gave up on managing this part of my life. I wrote some rule that tells me I will never have it under control, and I’ve come to believe it. I have conquered so many things in life, but email clutter eludes me completely.

What is the clutter in your life? Is it physical house or work clutter? Afraid to walk to the bathroom at night for fear of tripping? (been there)… Is it mental clutter? Is your head so full of stuff that you can’t focus on your next step – do you forget what you were going to do when you get to the next room? How many projects do you have started today? These are all signs of some kind of attachment to something that amounts to clutter and confusion.

Take an honest assessment of your attitude towards the stuff in your life. Which of these statements best fit you:

  1. “Stuff controls me. It seriously impacts my ability to enjoy my life. I feel powerless to overcome it. Often I just give up trying to get organized because I can’t decide what to give up.”
  2. “The stuff in my home, workspace, and/or mind is driving me crazy. Sometimes I just get mad and want to throw it all out. But I always regret getting rid of something. As soon as I get rid of it, I need it again. This makes me nuts!”
  3. “I have a system to stay organized. If I can just follow the system and keep it all organized, I feel in control.”
  4. “Stuff is not important to me. I regularly give things, thoughts and wishes away to others. I feel clear.”
  5. “I have no attachment to any thing or thought that doesn’t serve me or those around me. I have no desire to accumulate things or thoughts that hold me back.”

Now decide which one feels better. Which one will facilitate the life you ultimately want? What I find is almost always under my fear about releasing things or thoughts is some attachment to them. Maybe it’s a memory, or the original cost of the item; maybe it was a gift, or someone else might value it. Maybe it’s some nagging thoughts that you can’t shake because you need to remember something that you keep forgetting, or you would rather forget something that you keep remembering…

Whatever is under the attachment, if it is hindering the life that you want to live… it is clutter. You do not have to feel powerless. There are so many ways to start to change these attitudes and patterns: work with a life coach, work with a personal organizer, break up the tasks into manageable amounts and tackle it yourself or with a partner. Most importantly, if you can change your thinking, you can begin to eliminate this barrier in your life.

For more information on eliminating life’s clutter:

  • Join me and other smart people who want to gain control of their physical and emotional stuff. FREE Teleclass: Details here.
  • Take an Energetic Leadership Index Assessment to get under your attitudes and attachments. This will increase your self-awareness and enhance your effectiveness and happiness in this and all other areas of your life. Call 507-278-3553 to set up your assessment today. Mention this email and get a free coaching session to debrief you on your assessment results.
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From Stress to Bliss in One Step

Working with so many people who’s daily experiences brings them to an almost perpetual state of stress, I am always interested in getting under why we are so caught up as a species in this largely unhealthy state of being. It is the mind–specifically, the left hemisphere–that once activated by stress, attaches meaning to it (or attempts to do so incessantly, ultimately driving the actual stress we experience).

The gap between our daily stressful states and moments of bliss can be overcome by learning to access a creative state on a regular basis…

My first professional life was spent as an artist and creative director in various industries. During the pursuit of an art degree, my colleagues and I learned about left brain and right brain function. Moments of sheer creativity, or pure right brain activity (that is creativity free of judgement) are blissful and seemingly stress-free. Ah hah! So we should all just go paint pictures, right? Well, if that takes you to that ultimate state of bliss (without judgement), then by all means, this can be a way to relieve stress.

Some might find this place through spirituality or in nature; others might find this place through listening to music or meditating…

But I’m not talking about activities that our left brain has labeled and “judged” to be “creative”; rather, anything that takes you into the bliss of creative flow. Some would call this connectedness, and might find this place through spirituality or in nature; others might find this place through listening to music or meditating. Ultimately, it’s that experience of wordless bliss. It’s when words fail to describe and seem meaningless.

This state of bliss, of creativity, detaches us from fear. It would seam that bliss and unhealthy stress are not to be experienced at once. So, by taking time to get to a state of bliss through whatever that involves on a personal level, we can push the stress-enhancing, left brain thinking out of the picture for at least temporary relief.

…over millions of years, we have evolved into predominantly left brain living…

I have been reading some of Amit Goswami‘s work on quantum physics and health. He talks about the “Do Be Do Be Do” practice of being to increase consciousness and ultimately health. I hate to try to paraphrase his genius, but as I read it, I get a sense that it taps into this interplay between being in bliss and thinking in words and logic… it is the play between right and left brain states of experience, and understanding techniques to shift into our creative, our bliss, our “Be” seems to be key to reducing the unhealthy effects of stress in a very quantum and cellular way. Both short and long term benefits of this are substantial and well researched.

This is a key reason why, it would seem, clients make astounding leaps in the pasture (working on the ground with horses) to get under the barriers in life that are causing them fear, stress and ultimately holding them back. The whole-body activity, the environment, indeed the very nature of the horse is all right brain activity. The horses respond best to us when we release the stressful left brain thinking and “be” in the right brain. Working with horses can place us in the creative part of our brain. Once we are in that state, true consciousness, our inner wisdom, can be heard. I am also, thanks to one of my enlightened clients, reading work about the differences between the human brain and the horse brain by brain surgeon, Allan Hamilton. All of this information points to the same reality: over millions of years, we have evolved into predominantly left brain living. The gap between our daily stressful states and moments of bliss can be overcome by learning to access a creative state on a regular basis.

I am working with a new assessment tool that accurately measures how we move through seven energetic states during stress, the ELI Assessment. What a gift to be able to give this information to our left brains who need to rationalize everything! It actually helps to understand the logic and benefits of regularly and consciously shifting into this right brain energetic state.

Regardless of your method, the evidence strongly suggests that finding a way to spend time in right brain activity reduces the impact of our daily unhealthy stress…

There are infinite methods to get to this state of creativity, bliss and “be”ing, and no simple prescription or advice blankets everyone. Clients who work with me in the office find their own unique paths to the right hemisphere. Regardless of your method, the evidence strongly suggests that finding a way to spend time in right brain activity reduces the impact of our daily unhealthy stress.

So what is it that takes you to that state of bliss, and how can you find time to incorporate that activity into your daily life? … and how will that benefit you? }{

Sara Sinnard, ELI-MP, CPSS, is a Life & Leadership Coach helping individuals find balance, reduce stress, and live on mission. You CAN live in bliss!

Call for a Personal Strategy Session. 507-278-3553. Mention this article and receive a 50% discount for your session. Limited to phone sessions through January 31, 2013.


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