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Book your retreat now. Come to Minnesota and recharge.  Click on the tab above for more info or call 507-278-3553.  Personal Retreat with Horses Flyer

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What if you made NO Resolutions this year?

How many years have you resolved to lose weight, spend less, send more birthday cards, spend more time with family, climb Mount Everest, jump from an airplane or any other life-enhancing idea? Fill in the blank with your own reoccurring theme.

If you’re like many of us, this is the time of year we tend to examine how life is going and resolve to make changes that, at the time, seem highly important and perfectly reasonable.
Why is the mere change of a number-a new year-a trigger for us to go through this process?

Many of us are very sincere with the resolutions we set, but we tend to get through the holiday season, get back into our daily lives and lose track of the resolutions we set for many valid reasons… the simple distractions of the day-to-day make it very difficult to maintain appropriate focus on change, and the time directly after the holidays can have emotional implications as well.

My challenge to you is this: No resolutions this year-at least try not to make them until you are back in your routine and have a more realistic feel for the impact of making the change.

–Set small goals more frequently. Find other opportunities to review and renew throughout the year.
–Write down a goal and live with it for a few days before you commit to attempting it. If it feels to big when you come back to it, break it down into something that you know you can and will do. This is how we successfully eat the big elephant of change, one bite at a time.

Leave a comment below and let me know what works for you. I’d love to hear from you.

Coach Sara

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Article on Sara & Her Equine Partners in MN Valley Business Magazine

Read this:  From the November, 2011 MN Valley Business Magazine

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Corporate Training Photos

Team Building

Experiential Learning -- Team Building

All for one!





Team Building

Many Hands...











Personal Leadership

Looking forward, moving it along...










Personal Development

Personal development with the herd

New Levels of Understanding










Slide Show:  Corporate Leadership & Team Building with the Herd

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Horses & “Humanship”: Corporate Training & Private Coaching

How Horses Help Us To Be Better Humans

I was recently asked to explain more about my Equine Guided Corporate Training and Private Coaching services. Here’s part of an article I wrote to help explain why this method is so powerful.

My style of coaching and training is termed “Core Energy Leadership”. This method helps clients to use their own strengths and abilities to increase their energy, effectiveness, and general happiness. We break through barriers that stop the client or team from achieving important milestones in their corporate or private lives. I also assist many folks through life transitions such as retirement, empty-nesters, career changes, and relationship challenges.

Since I started using horses in my practice, I have been amazed at the results. We gain faster access to creativity and intuition. I have had several individuals tell me that we got more done in one session with the horses and “Core Energy Coaching” than they had accomplished over the course of several years of standard therapy. Corporate Teams learn better communication, stress reduction, and leadership skills faster than the traditional workshop as well.

When horse people hear that I’m using the horses in my practice, they immediately think of the standard horse trainers and clinicians who train people on horsemanship skills. That’s not what this is about. However, I have personally experienced a much deeper bond with my horses since working with them in this way.

One thing to note: my style of EGE (Equine Guided Education) is done on the ground, interacting with the herd. These are not riding or horsemanship clinics.

Equine Guided Education is less about horsemanship and more about “human-ship”, if that makes sense. While it certainly increases the bond between horse and rider, the focus is on what horses can teach us about the rest of our lives or certain situations that we might be experiencing such as relationship issues, grief, career transitions, etc. They teach us because they are masters at reading and reflecting our energetic state. Anyone who’s ever gotten into an argument with a horse over getting in a trailer or going away from the herd knows this–the more frustrated we get, the more frustrated and stubborn the horse gets. This is the most obvious example of energy attracting like energy between you and the horse, and it’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg of how horses read us. They are truly “human whisperers”.

Equine Guided Education accesses your ability to learn concepts through three channels: kinesthetic learning through physical activity; metaphorical learning through symbolism and comparative conceptual application; and metaphysical learning through core energy connections. In other words, it access your body, mind, and spirit to internalize what you learn.

So Equine Guided Corporate Training is similar to other experiential learning programs such as ropes courses or rock climbing. Teams do activites safely on the ground with the horses to learn about things like leadership and team building. We find that the learning sticks better with this style of learning because it is outside their normal business box and therefore extremely metaphorical and memorable.

Private coaching with horses is the same. We learn through the benefit of having the horse as mirror and the coach to translate and probe for deeper opening and access to that inner wisdom that we so often ignore or can’t hear anymore because of the rush of daily living. This is a powerful, transformative method and perfect for anyone who is contemplating life changes or anyone who just wants to take their experience on this planet to the next level.

The difference is the horse as your learning parrtner. It’s just one big bundle of information, energy and spirit, and it is the missing link in our modern every day. Humans and horses have cohabitated for most of our existence prior to the invention of the automobile. It is a piece missing in our daily learning and energetic connection to the earth, our spirit, and the rest of the species.


For more information on these services contact:


Please note and take advantage of the special July, 2011 promotion:  Equine Promo July


And the very special Women & Horses Retreat in the Black Hills of South Dakota:  Women&Horses

We do this training right here in Minnesota, or can travel and conduct corporate training anywhere.

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Women & Horses In the Black Hills! August 27 & 28

Come for a Personal Journey & Retreat in the Black Hills!

Transformative! This retreat is a very personal journey into possibility. Learn how to access your Core Energy through the wisdom of your equine companion and allow that gentle wisdom to heal and strengthen other areas of your life. Participants will learn techniques to reach a higher level of understanding and self-awareness through their own inner wisdom and the power of their relationship with the horse.

The bond between women and horses has basis in myth, legend and history and is often forgotten in our daily busy lives. The horse is a powerful spiritual partner and wise coach. No matter what your spiritual beliefs, if you are a woman with a horse, you have a deep appreciation for the gift of that relationship.

Come for the weekend of Women & Horses. Bring your horse. Stay as long as you like and take advantage of the event discount on camping or cabin packages for the duration of your stay at Hay Creek Ranch in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10:00 AM – Workshop: Your Horse, Your Spirit Coach (with horses)

12:00 PM – 6:00 PM Personal time (Guided riding tours available)

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Workshop: Find Your Personal Vision & Mission

Sunday, August 28, 2011

9:00 AM Workshop: Centering with Your Horse (with Horses)

11:00 AM Personal time (Guided riding tours available)

Workshop Cost: $150/person*

Special 25% discount on camping or cabin packages for event attendees.

Stay as long as you like and explore the beauty of Hay Creek Ranch and the Black Hills!

Door Prizes!

Grand door prize is a $200 vacation package for a later stay at Hay Creek Ranch!

About the Presenter

SARA SINNARD, owner of FUSiON Life & Leadership, LLC,  is a coach and consultant, helping individuals and teams reach their full potential through core-energy coaching, workshops and custom training.

She specializes in life and career transitions through coaching and equine-assisted learning.

Register Today

(605) 578-1142


21765 Penny Lane
Nemo, SD 57759
(605) 578-1142

* Hay Creek Ranch and FUSiON Life & Leadership reserve the right to cancel the program if registration does not meet minimum requirements.

Women&Horses Flyer

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Unbridled Abundance (Casanova’s Lesson)

Casanova PicI often counsel my coaching clients to prepare three main points when they are trying to communicate something important. So, if I were to summarize my three main points for this entry they would be: 1) we are all on a path; 2) our intersection with beings (human, animal, plant) present opportunities for learning; 3) reaching out and creating those intersections increases our personal growth exponentially.

So, I’ll start with my own epiphany tonight over dinner. I was thinking about the two horses I have in my pasture right now, exploring the two very different relationships, and wondering why it has been so hard to bond in a meaningful way with Casanova, my gregarious gelding. I summed it up as a fear of sorts. The energy I feel around Cas is paramount to the bottled-up energy of a rocket about to blast. The nervous energy he emits is unnerving to me.

Shi-Annie, my old mare, on the other hand is just tired and happy to see someone coming because it might mean food is on the way. She and I have been through many years of riding. We started with the same kind of energetic friction that I have with Cas now, and have ended up with a beautiful bond and a mutual “understanding”. At first, I was on the ground more than I was on her… She was the horse that taught me how to ride a buck.

In fact, Shi came bucking into my life at a time when my life was bucking me. I was divorced, had just entered “empty-nest” syndrome, and was faced with the reality that life wasn’t necessarily “plan-able”. Shi came into my life just prior to some extremely difficult life-bucks, and I believe that her lesson for me was to accept the fact that a) life throws serious bucks; b) sometimes you can hang on and sometimes you fall; and c) no matter what, when life sends you a buck you better get back on, or you will never be “boss” of your own life.

Shi doesn’t buck so much anymore. Once I learned to get back on, she let go of the need to get me off her back… it was just wasted energy. We are now good friends. When we ride, it feels as though we are one. We have a connection that takes time to build… and she is one of my greatest teachers.

You don’t have to be on a horse’s back to start to learn from their innate wisdom. In fact, my clients don’t ride the horses; they experience the learning on the ground. We can learn from the horse simply by being one of the herd for a moment. In fact, it’s the best way to connect with our inner wisdom and creativity. To simply “be” with the herd, is powerful and transformational. To let go of all else and to be with these 1200-pound, powerful, present beings can be pivotal in our path to self-mastery because we have to surrender our ego and be our genuine selves to be “with” horses.

Tonight, perplexed about the difference in my relationship with Shi and Casanova, I had a true Oprah “light-bulb-moment”. Casanova, with all his abundant energy, curiosity and enthusiasm, represented to me that unbridled passionate beckoning of all that is out there to grab. He is the kind of horse that looks at something new with anxious curiosity instead of fear.

Horses are often extremely fearful of anything new in their environment – they are “flight” animals; this is one of their most important survival strengths. Even though humans are naturally pack animals, or “fight” animals, we still have flight instincts like the horse when something is new and frightening. Think about the first time you tried anything scary. Many of us feel like running away from things that make us uncomfortable.

One of the things that immediately endeared me to Casanova was his curious nature. He has always been curious first and scared last–an admirable trait. When he was a two-year-old, at 900 lbs, it was cute. However, as he has grown into a good-sized, 1300 lb horse, his confidence can be… intimidating; his energy can feel… overpowering.

How many times have we been afraid of something that feels intimidating or overpowering? What can we learn from Casanova? And most importantly, what does Casanova represent?

To me, Casanova represents abundance — abundance of life-force, creativity, enthusiasm, and energy. He is unbridled openness. He represents the release of all caution, old rules and limitations; and I believe that if I can open to him and build an “understanding” with him as I did with Shi, I will not only be able to handle life’s bucking, but I will open to the infinite abundance that is there for the taking. I will have boundless energy to ride, and sheer expansiveness to explore.  I think that with Casanova, I can reach infinity.

So, how do we learn from our equine friends? We just be with them. Let them speak to us. Use a few coaching tools with the power of horse wisdom to lead us to our truth. Let the horse show the way to the creative, powerful, leader within.

See you at the MN Horse Expo in April!

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Announcing Experiential Learning Through Horses

Image for Equine Assisted Life & Leadership Coaching

Corporate Training & Private Coaching - No Horse Experience Required!

This is a very powerful process that combines the best of Core Energy Life & Leadership Coaching with Equine-Assisted Learning. No horse experience necessary. We will be at the Minnesota Horse Expo in the Coliseum in April. Or call 507-278-3553.

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Mothers & Daughters: A Very Special WOMENTUM Session

“Every person we meet is both our student and our teacher.”

Imagine what we can learn from each other if we open up to possibility thinking & pure love.

Join me for a special evening about that powerful bond between mothers and daughters.

–Dates/times/details below…

Let’s discuss the paths we are on as females and how we can weave together moments of laughter, unconditional love and strength to construct a personal web to weather & celebrate all the transitions that make us female. We will look at many approaches to deepening our understanding of one of our most important bonds.

Ever wonder… What causes conflict? How to overcome button-pushing. And what’s really going on in “her” head? Also – how can we deepen an already beautiful relationship? Most importantly, how can we personally weather the complex and changing bond between that most powerful of duo’s–our mothers and our daughters.

Bring your daughter, your mother, your sisters, your friends, or just yourself. We will laugh, cry and find peace together as a micro-community of powerful girls and women.

To register, email your preferences below to: or call 507-278-3553

Session is limited seating. $35/person.

  1. Please –> indicate your date preference (1=first choice, 2=second choice, 3=3rd choice) and attendee names/contact info:
___Tuesday, April 19: 5:00 – 6:30 PM  name(s) ______________________
___Monday, April 25:  5:00 – 6:30 PM  name(s) ______________________
___Tuesday, May 3: 5:00 – 6:30 PM  name(s) ______________________
Location details will be confirmed via email upon registration.


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Leadership for Teens (Session 2)

SURGE: Show Up. Step Up. Stand Out!Week 2 with the pilot leadership program was focused on self-esteem. We reviewed the self-awareness points from the previous week and moved right into all the negative thought patterns that cause us to be afraid to step up and stand out.

These young powerful women, shared some insights on their inner voices that tell them they are not good enough. Then they thought through the times when these thoughts were the strongest. After spending time understanding that we all have these thoughts, fears and doubts, we discussed how allowing these thoughts to control our awareness impacts our emotions and our actions.

The groups are taking this week to become familiar with their “gremlins,” that voice inside us that gives us all the reasons why we can’t  __________________ (fill in the blank). Once we can see the gremlin at work in our lives we can begin to diffuse it’s energy and begin to question the reality of what it tells us.

Great sessions with high-energy future leaders.


Coach Sara

NEW Equine-Assisted Life & Leadership Coaching packages available!  507-278-3553

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