Personal Renewal Retreats with Horses

Come. Renew. Refocus. Recharge.

Work with an experienced life coach and horses to renew in 2012

Work with a life coach and a horse to improve your relationships, make critical decisions, get under your personal mission, or develop your personal leadership skills. Come alone or bring someone else who needs to rechargeā€”couples, friends, family. Teams and organizations welcome to improve their performance. All work with horses is done safely on the ground.

Special one, two and three day packages available for individuals or up to ten people to share theĀ  experience. A variety of accommodations are available, including rustic farm stays for a true getaway. Coaching is customized to your personal goals.

Packages available for most budgets, starting at $600 per person. Call for details and to book your time now for 2012.


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