Thank you for my MESSY HOUSE!

I am SO grateful to look at my chaotic house right now. Why? What would normally make me want to run screaming out the front door now feels like evidence of a productive and meaningful week. Yes. My HOUSE could be taped off as a disaster area… but.. Imagine this: My HEART is open and engaged!

Yes, it was a stressful week with lots of hours. Yes, I’ve had confrontations, haters, nay-sayers, and doubters… I’ve been beaten up with “You should have’s…” even worse— “I should have’s”… but sometimes you just have to push through all of that to make one very slow, and small step towards your vision. My vision is healthy and prosperous life for all girls, all women. One by one… One girl at a time… One woman at a time.

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What is your vision? Your mission? What if it interferes with your facade–your perfection fantasy? Don’t we all have this illusion–especially as women: the fantasy that we can be passionate and engaged in life and and STILL MAINTAIN the 1950’s version of spotless, cookie-cut homes?  I hope you agree, that no longer fits reality.

When I was in the advertising business in the 80’s and 90’s, my first council to doe-eyed, eager-to-make-money clients was always this:  Do you want a) quality work, b) quantity of work, c) cheap work?  Pick two!  You cannot have all three.

Now apply that concept to life and personal extraordinary living… you can usually have 2 of these three choices. Those of us who have the perfectionist gene will want all three, which can ultimately prevent us from making progress–from moving forward boldly. Our perfectionism can be a barrier to achieving our desires. Which 2 of these are most meaningful for you? (hint: there is no right or wrong answer, just your answer)
1. Abundance of time
2. Abundance of money and cool stuff under control
3. Abundance of personal fulfillment

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Which two would you choose? Or more importantly, which one are you willing to RELEASE in able to achieve the other two?

I’m not saying that you can’t have all three. I am simply pointing out that unless we can release one of these, we can become “stuck” in the muck of indecision.

So, what does a messy house mean in all of this? It means letting go of the appearance of having the stuff under control… it means letting go of the “time” I need to keep the house “perfect” and using that time to focus on things that bring personal fulfillment… it means embracing the mess that comes with consciously choosing to live in the space of personal fulfillment as a number one priority.

Why does this matter? It matters to me because I’ve found that the most chaotic weeks have opened space for the most profound connections and experiences. I could not have achieved those connections if I had been worried about keeping the house in order, or even financial gain. Those weeks when I felt embarrassed about letting people into my HOUSE, I now know I have been GRACED with people pouring into my SOUL.

We all need to survive, make money, plan for the future… these are indeed important things to do. However, what if we could release some of our beliefs around what this really means versus what we have been told–rules we have been given… What if we could make our own rules? Rules that suit our passions and genuine, true selves… this is living. This is being genuine.

So, if you have a messy house.. BLESS YOU! You must be on the right track. 🙂

Coach Sara

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