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Have you been a little down or confused but think therapy is too extreme? Have you been in therapy for a while, and it’s not working any more? Or are you just looking to enjoy a better experience in life, or attain better success in your career? Maybe something just feels off, and you’re not sure how to figure it out. Perhaps you’ve lost someone and moving on seems daunting…

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, coaching might be right for you. However, it is important that you are actually ready for change before committing to a relationship with a coach. As with anything else, you will only get out of the effort what you are ready to put into the effort. Make sense?

Many people feel stuck in a rut.. It might be a job that is unfulfilling, a relationship that is limiting, or a therapy routine that is just not as effective as it was in the beginning. This is a clue that change might be good — change of situation, relationship, approach, or even underlying beliefs that can become barriers to our ultimate happiness and sense of fulfillment. Sometimes a different perspective can make a significant difference.

If you are experiencing any of this, I encourage you to answer a few simple questions to determine your readiness for change: This is important because you will only gain results equal to the effort you are willing to commit. Amazing results require readiness and determination.

When you know you want to move forward, we have a simple process with a minimal commitment to help you decide if you want to enter into a longer-term coaching relationship.

We start with 2 assessments: one will help us understand who you are at your core, and the other will help us understand how you are managing things at this time. Both assessments will give you the gift of self-knowledge, even if you decide not to go any deeper into the work. You will gain key insights into who you are, how you are operating, and what your potential might be. We meet via phone or video. Local individuals are welcome to the office.

Please call or email to get started.  319-329-7182 or

Therapy is a wonderful assist for folks who need it, and often coaching and therapy work together to bring better life success to the participant. Whatever your needs are, this is your choice, and you are the only one who can take this first step for you.

If you are in therapy, we would never suggest stopping with a successful program. Consider adding a coach to support the work you are doing with your therapist. If you feel therapy is more than you need, often coaching can be just the boost you need to move the needle forward in life and career.

Look inside and allow yourself to be the cause of your own success.


Coach Sara

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