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 Three Online Workshops to Inspire Extraordinary Living & Working

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Activate Your Inner Leader!

Lead a Horse, Lead Your Self

FABULOUS FRIDAY AFTERNOONS!   Bring your team or group or come for a private session.

Read this article written by a past Fabulous Friday participant

Work with a life coach and a horse to improve your relationships, make critical decisions,   get under your personal mission, and develop your personal leadership skills.

Come alone or bring someone else who needs to recharge—couples, friends, family…     Teams and organizations welcome to improve their performance.

“Everyone owes it to him/herself to attend one of Sara’s seminars. Working with the horses is such a powerful, fulfilling experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a pro with a horse…just sign up…you will be glad you did.” –Jan

All work with horses is done safely on the ground.

View a slideshow from a 2012 Retreat:  SLIDESHOW

Contact for more information: 319-329-7182 or Sara@FusionOneSource.com

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